martes, diciembre 03, 2013

Losing your identity.

Generally speaking, losing the identity could be a potential problem specially when everything (school counseling, psychological therapy, even self-help books) in contemporary culture and societay makes emphasis on achieving one identity. Be it hipster, jock, geek, nerd, gay, heterosexual, right-wing, left-wing, believer, atheist. The very thought of being outside of this cultural or arquetypical molds dizzes the consciousness.

That's why the idea of losing the identity seems daunting. The feart of suddenly leaving away the very idea of our being doesn't bring comfort. And that's the point.

Grabbing onto an idea or mold to be. That is the society non-written rule. You must be "something". And if you are no something, that instills confusion. There is a predetermined idea of what men, women, teenagers, children, elderly should be, how a people should behave, wear, and think on a determinate age and context.

Also, it is possible and plausible to cling to identities such as: depressive, bipolar, introvert, extrovert. This attributes (I may call them this way, as it will be explained ahead) as long as they are part of every human being, are not the essence or primordial identity. The lack of questioning leads every person to start assimilating those roles as essential to them. A depressive person then thinks of his/her issueas as an indistinguishable element of his being: melancholy, sadness, and so on. A male, as a provider of his home, a female, as a housewife.

Nevertheless, sadly (and of course, fortunately) human beings aren't something with a fixed and determinated essence or characters. Even beyond some basic biological aspects, there is diversity, in form, time and space. As we forgot to make questions, we, as individuals, and as a community, suppress this difference and truth: difference and diversity are part of our lives. It can be possible to aglutinate in a conceptual way, under certain perspective (biological, psychological, medical, physical, etc.) what a human being is. But these perspectives don't make justice to every person and their diversity.

Of course, the safe bet is to find something to identify ourselves, and live, try to exist under those parameters. And here is the moment to ask. why? Do we really have to live under certain rules beyond ethical frames? to circumscribe life to certain tacit rules?

In a search for happiness, there is no definite answer. Yet, the tendecy in this issue, seems to be "no". There can be a sense of safeness by abiding to this predeterminate structures. Certainly is safer, safer than questioning why I am doing what I am doing? Although, the reward comes in the form of autenticity. Not the one selled in commercials, internet, and malls. The intern coherence between the desire of being, and the growing confidence of being, not aspiring to be something finished, but with the consciousness and certainty that "being" is an ongoing process, that never ends.

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